Measuring Windows for Home Window Film Quote

Should You Include Measurements on Flat Glass Quotes / Proposals?

A customer calls you for window film and you schedule a consultation so you can measure the windows, provide samples films to the customer, and answer any questions. Should you include the measurements on the quote or only provide the price and film option?

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Scheduled App for Window Film Business

How to View your Event’s History in Tint Wiz

Plans change; clients reschedule and when working as a team, instances can come up where you may want to know who changes an appointment.

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window film inventory tracking

Weighing Window Tint to Know How Much is Left on a Roll

Have you every lifted the top off a box of film, looked at the side of the roll and tried to guesstimate how much film is left on the roll? Those days are over. You can now take that film, put it on scale, and determine precisely how much window film is left on a roll.

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TintLyfe Apparel and Lifestyle Brand Launched by Former Tint and Wrap Shop Owner

As of this week, the window film industry has a new resource for tint theme’d shirts, hats, stickers, mugs, and more

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2021 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™

2020 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off Moved to 2021

We are excited to be attending the 2021 International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off in Orlando Florida as a sponsor! Our booth is positioned on the left as you enter the convention.

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Tint Shop Software

Additional Configuration Options Added to Window Tint Business Management App

Tint Wiz app users can now find four additional setting options to choose from. The following settings can be found in the Tint Wiz app by going to “Settings” and then to “Configure Business”

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Window Tint Podcast

Window Film Podcast “Tint Wizdom” Tops 100,000 Views!

Popular window film podcast, “Tint Wizdom” topped 100,000 cumulative views this passed week across Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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Window Tint Inventory Tracking

Window Film Inventory System for a Tint Business

Inventory management has been added to the Tint Wiz app which means users can now keep track of their film, easily and accurately. When logged into the Tint Wiz app, you’ll now see “Inventory” on the menu.

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Tint Wiz will be free to use for the next 90 days

Tint Wiz is temporarily suspending billing and will be free to our users for the next 90 days to lessen any financial hardship the COVID-19 pandemic may have on our users

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Starting a Window Tint Business

New Youtube Series – How to Start a Mobile Window Tinting Business

YouTuber and founder of the Facebook group “Window Tinting Business” is starting his own window tinting business. The best part, he is documenting every step of the way on his YouTube channel … and I do mean every single step.

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snail rocket hq

Window Tint Software for Tint Business

It seems to happen overnight: One day you open for window tinting business and the next you are too busy running your shop to keep up. How can you keep those customers happy—and the thousands more to come?

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The Tri-Edge Giveaway was a HUGE Success

The good news is this giveaway was just the beginning of whats to come this year. More collaborations like this coming this year with tri-edge and other vendors in the film industry!

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scheduling software for window tinters

Best Scheduling Software for Window Tinting Business

As a window tinter, your goal is to get as much work done as efficiently as possible, all while continuing to provide high-quality service.

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crm for window tint company efficiency

CRM for Window Tinters to Increase Efficiency

Has this ever happened to you? It doesn’t have to.⁣ Easily keep track of all client and project details with Tint Wiz.⁣ Upload unlimited before and after pictures directly to each project.⁣ You’ll be able to quickly access all the photos, measurements, notes, quotes, invoices, anytime from anywhere using your phone, tablet or pc.

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Window Tint CRM Software for Tint Business

Tint Removal is Tough. Software Doesn’t Have to Be

Tint Wiz is Easy To Setup. Easy to Learn. So Easy to Use. As a Tint Wizard, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to: The best and most efficient scheduling and calendar system, Unlimited storage of photos and project documents

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Credit Card Processing Window Tint

Window Tinters Guide to Credit Card Processing

While communication about products, practices, and other day-to-day topics is common in the window tinting industry, tinters often have infrequently addressed questions about business practices, regulations, and other behind-the-scenes issues such as which credit card processor to use.

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Free Gift Certificate Templates for Window Tinting

Every tint business should offer gift certificates—it’s that simple. Gift certificates are a great option to add to your marketing mix and you should consider showcasing them prominently at your business location and on your website this holiday season.

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Tesla Interior Protection Window Tint

How to FULLY Protect TESLA Interior When Tinting

Customer hands you the key to their brand new Tesla. You’ll need to pull the car into the tint bay. You open the driver side door and sit down … wait a second, are you really going to sit in that ultra white interior without any protection?

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Best Yelp Categories for Your Window Tint Business

Choosing the Best Yelp Categories for your Window Tint Business

Yelp recently expanded their tint related categories and added window tint specific subcategories. If it’s been a while since you’ve checked and updated them, now is the time … it’ll only take a couple minutes.

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Customer Service and Increase Sales

Customer service is more important now than ever; to many it is even more important than price. Here are 5 simple ways you can improve customer service and increase your window tint sales.

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