Sure, you can use Google Calendar or iCal to keep track of your schedule. You can even stuff some notes about the project in there … but when you need to send a quote, what do you use for that? How long does that take? And where will you keep notes about the project? How long does it take you to create a detailed invoice and where will all the project pictures end up?⁣

There are many ways to run your window tint business but there is one app that brings all of it together in a way that makes your life easier and your customers happier.⁣

Window Tint Software

Sending a quote to your customers phone and email literally takes 1 minute which means you can send a professional proposal to every customer that calls or emails for a quote. ⁣

Convert those price shoppers – they are calling around and getting quotes over the phone from multiple tint shops. After calling 4 or 5, most do not remember who quoted them what. You can turn more leads into sales by sending a professional quote to through text message and email. You can even see when they view the proposal from Tint Wiz. ⁣

This is just one example of how using Tint Wiz enables growth in ways you thought wasn’t possible or never thought of at all. ⁣

All of this wizardry and more for $100 / month – completely unlimited. Try it free for 30 days by downloading in the App Store or go to⁣

Questions? In app to go Support -> Live Chat