Inventory management has been added to the Tint Wiz app which means users can now keep track of their film, easily and accurately. When logged into the Tint Wiz app, you’ll now see “Inventory” on the menu.

The best way to learn the inventory system is jump in and start using it. We made is very very very easy and intuitive to use. 


Window Tint Inventory Tracking Video Overview


QR Coded Labels for Window Film Boxes

One of the features built into our window tint inventory management system is the ability to print QR coded labels that show key information about the film and can be stuck to the box end. At a glance you can see what that film is and whats left in the box. You can also scan the QR code with your phone and that specific film will load on your Tint Wiz app so you can view and manage the details of it.

The best way to get in touch with any question is use the Support -> Live Chat feature in the Tint Wiz App.

You can also learn more about the Tint Wiz Inventory Management feature by visiting the Inventory Overview page of the Tint Wiz Help Center.

Inventory Overview – Tint Wiz Help Center