Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint by Ceramic Pro

Kavaca Window Tint by Ceramic Pro

Kavaca Window Tint is a window film first introduced by Ceramic Pro at the SEMA 2020 virtual experience. Now just a few months later, Kavaca Window Tint is making it’s way to Ceramic Pro dealers. Kavaca Window Tint by Ceramic Pro currently has 2 series of window film available, Kavaca IR and KAVACA CS. The Kavaca CS line has two sub-series available, Kavaca CS Black and KAVACA CS Charcoal.

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Ceramic Pro Introduces Kavaca Window Tint Films

There is a new window film in town courtesy of Ceramic Pro called Kavaca Window Films. Ceramic Pro is known worldwide for their ceramic paint coatings, especially their flagship coating, 9H. Ceramic Pro Kavaca Window Films will be available in two series, the Kavaca Ceramic IR and Kavaca Carbon Color Stable.

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